Bath Only Prices

***We currently do not offer professional grooming services. We are however able to give baths by appointment only and would require you to drop your pet off for the day. Please call our clinic for additional details or to schedule an appointment.

Bath only prices include a bath, brush-out, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Prices depend on breed. The following dog breeds are not meant to have haircut, so if a haircut is needed, an additional charge will be added (depending on amount of hair cut).

Akita Chow-Chow Jack Russell Terrier Siberian Husky
Alaskan Malamute Dachshaund Labrador Retreiver Smooth Collie
American Eskimo Dalmation Newfoundland Smooth Fox Terrier
Australian Cattle Dog Doberman Old English Vizsla
Australian Shepherd English Mastiff Pomeranian Weimaraner
Beagle English/Irish Setter Pug Whippet
Bernese Mountain Dog German Shepherd Rhodesian Ridgeback
Border Collie German Shorthaired Pointer Rottweiler
Boston Terrier Golden Retreiver Rough Collie
Boxer Gordon Setter Saint Bernard
Bulldog Great Dane Samoyed
Chihuahua Great Pyrenees Shetland Sheepdog
Chinese Shar-pei Greyhound Shiba Inu