Declawing in Cats

Scratching with the front claws is normal, instinctive behavior for cats. The purpose of scratching is to remove old, worn fragments of the nails, keeping them sharp. Although scratching is normal behavior for cats this can be destructive and costly in the home. For many cat owners declawing is the only solution.

The operation is preformed under Isoflurane anesthesia gas. The procedure involves removal of the nail and attached bone. The tiny incisions are closed with dissolving sutures. The paws are then bandaged. Your cat will stay in the hospital for one or two nights. After the bandages are removed in the hospital, your pet will be able to walk although tenderness may be evident for a few days.

Anesthetic blood work and IV fluids are recommended. Appropriate medications to control post op pain are used and offer take home pain meds.

Please call our clinic to learn more about our declawing procedures.